DSC04141Marine and Diving
  • Underwater Inspections and Surveys
  • In-water Class Surveys: Lloyd’s Register Certified
  • Non destructive testing (NDT): Ultrasonic thickness measurements
  • Marine location and ground surveys
  • Underwater digital still photography
  • Underwater helmet and hand-held video and closed circuit TV
  • Advanced cleaning methods
Marine Construction
  • Installation and repair of docks, bridges, ramps, marinas, transfer bridges and other marine constructions
  • Underwater concrete installation and repairs
  • Steel sheet pile (SSP) installation and repairs
  • Form work
DSC04402Underwater Repairs & Services
  • Underwater welding and cutting
  • Underwater drilling
  • Hull cleaning and propeller polishing
  • Pipeline repairs
  • Underwater corrosion repairs
  • Cathodic protection
Emergency Services
  • Mobile response team
  • Inflatable and rugged boat
  • Ship inspection and oil leaks
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